What do we do?

We are a credit broker and not a lender. With over 24 lenders in the market, finding the right loan for you to match your circumstances can be difficult.

How do you find me a loan?

We will search our panel of lenders based on the information you give us when you make your application and then match this against the criteria that lenders use to accept customers. Using this information, we can match you with lenders that best suits your own personal circumstances.

I have completed the application, what happens next?

If your application is accepted by a lender you will be provided with login details and guidelines of ‘what happens next?’

What are the interest rates or APR?

APR is the rate of the total charge for credit expressed as an annual percentage of the total amount of the credit. We will show you Representative APRs and typical repayments; however the actual figures will depend on the specific terms of your loan, the lender and your individual personal circumstances.

How long will it take me to get a loan?

Once you’ve completed your application we will present you with the best loan options to suit your circumstances. We like to show you a variety of loan types you could be accepted for. That way you can make sure you’re getting what’s best for your circumstances.–> If your loan application is approved by one of our lenders before 4pm, funds can be transferred on the same day. Please note Guarantor and Logbook loans can take longer to pay the money into your account once approved as they may need to gather more information such as affordability checks or valuations of vehicles. Please ask your lender directly as timescales can vary.

Do you take a fee?

NO, We do not ask for a fee. Please note though that you may be referred to a lender or a broker who may charge a fee for their services

What is a loan broker?

Loan broker is an individual or company that helps you find a loan and matches you to a suitable deal. As a credit broker we introduce you to one of our panel of lenders who, subject to your approval and affordability, will provide you with a loan.

Is my loan guaranteed?

All applications are subject to status and checks will be undertaken which may include credit searches and fraud prevention searches to match the right product to you.

I have a query/complaint what do I do?

You can contact our Customer Service team through the ?Contact Us page and we will deal with you enquiry. We will endeavour to assist you wherever we can however if you remain dissatisfied with our response in respect to any complaint you may to our Customer Service team then you are able to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service.

I have been made an offer lower than the amount or with a higher rate than I was originally quoted for; why would this be?

This could happen if the information you have provided is not correct as well as the lenders additional checks have shown a lower than average credit score. If you would like we can obtain your credit records for you or you may wish to contact the credit reference agencies (Equifax, Callcredit or Experian) for further information. With your credit file to hand there may be some anomalies on your report that may be hindering your loan application that you are currently not aware of.

I am getting this loan to consolidate my debts, is there anything you can do to help?

Yes! If you’re struggling to repay your current credit commitments or you cannot get approved for a more affordable consolidation loan we would recommend you seek independent debt advice from one of the debt charities. See www.stepchange.org for more information

I am in debt, is a loan the best option for me?

Dependant on the circumstances a loan could be the right option; however if you are already struggling to get by and using this loan to cover other debts then you may want to look at our non-lending solutions such as Debt Management Plans or IVA’s. We would recommend you seek independent debt advice from one of the debt charities. See www.stepchange.org for more information.