Ferratum – Primul credit cu 0% dobanda!



The amount of credit card used is 0

The first loan is now FREE – 0% DAE. Are you eligible?

At this time, if you take an online credit between 200 and 1900 Lei and pay it back on the due date, you will pay the same amount that you originally get from us:

  • 0% DAE on first credit

  • there are no hidden fees

  • without any other commission

  • your cash or your account

  • online loan 100%

  • ask for a quick credit and money on the same day

The first credit has 0% LOST (cost: 0 LEI), if it is repaid to maturity!
If it is not fully repaid, the total cost of the credit is:  38 RON , DAE is  6791% and the total amount to be repaid is  238 RON .
 * Offer available until 30.09.2018